2014-2016 Vulcan Metal, by using Zodiac Electrical own invested in to put around 250 Lightingretrofit GC016A-200W Highbay light fixtures additionally TG001A-150W Floodlights at his or her Dandenong Southern factory at Victoria.2013-2016 Lightingretrofit through the MM electric group have provided done 750 units concerning the EDL-150W Retrofit kits that have been efficiently installed inside current 250W good quality Metal Halide highbay lighting fixtures with outstanding light production outcomes. On kits were provided at smaller buy quantities within an ongoing repair rollout. Factory projects have also procured a variety of quantities of latest Highbay lamps for field lights applications in which quality lighter, minimum glare and also immediate switching ability is required more particularly in production, wrapping additionally packing regions of on factory wherein assessment level l


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